Re: "Is Alzheimer's Research On the Wrong Track?"

“A fascinating topic here, and one which has been bubbling in the research field for a number of years, deserving of more attention. As the author notes in the article, the research hierarchy has directed funds and temporal/human resources towards pinpointing the almyloid proteins… but are they really the culprit, or a reaction to something else?” –Gardner Goldsmith, via Facebook

Re: "Lab-to-Table Fresh Fish Is Making Waves"

“Great to hear that you guys don’t just care about developing a product that results in less suffering, but that you’re dedicated to minimizing harm in the process of R&D as well. What a great idea to get deceased fish for cell samples from @AquariumOTheBay.”–@BjornKristensen, via Twitter

Re: "The New Prospective Parenthood"

Wow! It is amazing how sophisticated and accurate these tests have become! After reading this, I can imagine a future where conceiving a child naturally will seem negligent to most people, since a choice of whether or not to abort could have been completely avoided by going the in-vitro route.” –James Partain, via Facebook

“I’d only want to know information I will act on in some way. Some information may lead to termination (e.g. Down’s syndrome) or just be convenient for planning purposes (e.g. gender). But there’s no reason to test for something that won’t change your outcome, especially if the tests cost money.” –Sean Saulsbury, via Facebook

“Society would be much better off if the decisions were left to the parents and the medical professionals. Why is it a concern of mine if some people want a girl and not a boy?” –Paul Cohen, via Facebook