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LeapsMag is an editorially independent online magazine that brings you the biggest breakthroughs and hottest debates in the life sciences and related fields.

We publish a mixture of reported feature articles, commentary, and interviews with innovators whose work stands to affect us all.

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  • F Face Offs

    Assessing some of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and which conflicts are heating up in the battle for the future.

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  • B Big Questions

    Evaluating the tough questions and deep responsibilities that emerge on the cutting-edge of potentially transformational innovation.

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  • F Future Frontiers

    Examining how emerging technologies could reshape our world, and what impact new discoveries may have on a grand scale.

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  • H Head Scratchers

    Exploring which obstacles currently stop us from achieving fundamental breakthroughs.

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  • E Eye Openers

    Going behind-the-scenes with the researchers, doctors, CEOs, and other experts whose work stands to overhaul the status quo.

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